Easy to Make Hard Boil Eggs

My family loves hard-boiled eggs.  Do you?  I keep more than one dozen hard boiled eggs made nearly every week.  It is a one of my work lunch staples.  It’s easy to pack, little clean up and a healthy snack as well.   Everytime I keep my grandchildren (which is at least once a week, they have one of the hard boiled eggs that they find in the refrigerator when searching for a snack.   It would be considered taboo to not have hard boiled eggs in my house!

I have read of so many different ways to make hard boiled eggs.  You can cook them in a pot, or a pressure cooker.  I’ve read about putting them in the oven and a few other ways.  Simply google “how to make hard boil eggs” and you will see a plethora of ways.

Cooking and eating a hard boiled egg is easy, cracking and peeling them is another story.  The sharp shell pokes your fingers, and gets under your fingernails.  They can often be difficult to get the shell off without tiny little slivers everywhere.  The sticky shell can adhere to the egg and you end up peeling part of the egg with it.  Once in a great while you will get one special egg where the shell comes off perfectly.  But there is another way, hard boil your eggs and create them to be without the shell.



Eggies may be one of best way to create your shell-less hard boiled eggs.  Do you have this set?  You can enjoy your eggs quickly because they are already shelled and ready to eat shortly after cooking.  You get the best of both worlds.  Easy to cook hard boil eggs, and no shelling or peeling is required.   It’s as easy as the three photos suggest:  Crack, Cook and Enjoy!

Take these items into consideration if you enjoy hard boiled eggs as much as I do.  You just may be glad you did.

Eggies Kit

If you have a secret to making hard boiled eggs and easily peeling them, please share with our readers below in the comment section.  Thank you.

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