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Easy-to-use / Easy-to-clean Pizza Cutter

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  1. You know I have been through 3-4 pizza cutters over the last couple of years.  Each time I keep buying a cheap one from Walmart and expecting a different result.  This year I am going to actually purchase a good one.

    However, I do have a question for you?  How easy is it to clean?  Does that guard remove from the pizza cutter?

    1. Thank you for asking.  The guard flips open and the blade can be removed. this make it very easy to clean.  It’s a must have in any kitchen.  You may find that you will want more than one – or as another has suggested – buy extra as stocking stuffers for those you love this holiday season. 

  2. What a great website you have that has some awesome posts that I will keep coming back to as I haven’t got time to look at them all now. I particularly liked your review of the pizza cutter which I have been looking to get one myself for a while.

    It looks really easy to use and anything has got to be better than the one I have got now with a handle attached to it so I need to get this asap

    There’s nothing worse than cutting a pizza and all your toppings come off because of a bad pizza cutter is there.

    Is it safe to use though as that blade looks really sharp and there’s no real protection if your hand slips?

    1. Please do keep coming back.  I provide lots of great recipes and helpful hints to perfect the recipe performance. 

      The Pizza Cutter is sharp, but save because of the curved handle. Give it a try!

  3. Looks like you have a lot of different gadgets to use in the kitchen.  I like the idea of healthy cooking with an air fryer.  I have been looking into getting one for the last couple of months.  It seems like it would be a much healthier option than frying in oil.  I am always looking for healthier options in the kitchen.

    1. Until I tried it, I never would have believed that air-frying would taste as good as oil frying.  I was a deep frying freak and loved my fried foods.  Now I have the best of both worlds – nice fried food in a healthy manner.  It’s a must try. 

  4. i am now in love with that pizza cutter! As someone with small weak hands a lot of the cutters i find difficult to hold correctly ..and your right i m always having to saw back and forth ..thought i was the only one lol

    Thanks to your article i am going to have to get a few they might make good stocking stuffers

    1. Wow, I never thought about them as gifts.  I like them for myself, but may need to take your suggestion.  Using this nifty tool works for cutting many items besides pizza.  I’m sure if you get one (or two), you will find many good uses for them. 

  5. Hi there Good review on pizza cutter Kinda short bit on the other hand how much you can really talk about pizza cutter.

    I think you cover all the basics it’s clean and simple. Works for me, I was almost convinced to buy it, unfortunately we don’t bake pizza in my house and if we order, it comes precut. Do you guys use it for pizza or I guess you can cut dough with that too, right.

    Overol good job. wish You all the Best.

    1. Thank you.  I use my pizza cutter for many different things.  Cutting a Grilled Cheese sandwich, cutting cookie dough into strips (for the lady locks I make).  I also use it to cut up the pieces of pizza for the children to have bite size pieces.  It’s a handy tool for many small jobs. 

  6. Well thats cool I learned why its called breakfast.I used to skip breakfast because i got up very early in the morning but I always felt like crap until I ate at breaktime. Now I eat breakfast every morning and I feel a lot better.

    Im not buying into the whole fasting thing it just doesnt make any since to me. Also when your fasting your body will look for the easiest way to get energy. Here is a hint its not fat its muscle so yes you might be losing a lot of weight but a lot of what your losing is muscle. 

    I will stick to eating 500 calories under my maintenance calories to lose weight no fasting for me. What most people dont realize is that when you fast you usually gain back what you lost and then some.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because of the long period in which you did not eat. do you have any tips on what people should eat for breakfast?

    1. Thank you for your feedback.  I’m not one to fast either and agree that keeping calorie count down is the best.   I find that eating high protein, low carb and reduced fat type foods are best for me.  I’m always in a hurry, but keep hard boiled eggs read to grab and go to eat on the way to work. 

  7. Enjoyed reading your posts. Lots of information, the injectors sound great, I guess the book included gives recipes for flavours to inject into your meats, yes?

    The injector for adding custard etc. into profiteroles and cakes, great and so quick  and mess free.

    Thanks for the recipes, pumpkin bread looks yum, I love anything pumpkin, it always gives extra texture and taste.

    Thanks great read


    1. Thanks for your feedback.  Yes, the book includes suggestions and ideas.  The pumpkin bread recipe is from my mother-in-law.  It’s awesome.  Give it a try. 

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