Fall Season Treats

It’s hard to belive that it’s near the end of summer and fall is upon us.  The leaves will be starting to change soon into vibrant colors.  You can smell the change in the air.  Thoughts come upon you and you consider the upcoming holiday season – HALLOWEEN.  Maybe you will look for a fun and interesting fall season treat that you can share with your guests and for the next seasonal party.

Take some of these ideas under consideration:

RICE KRISPIE PUMPKIN TREATS:     After you make your own batch of Rice Krispie treats, simply add in several drops of orange food coloring.  Mix the color in well and then roll the mixture into a ball by hand to create a pumpkin shape.  Using green icing, decorate the orange ball to show vines.  You can top it with a tootsie roll to have a stem.


HAND TREAT BAGS:  All of the kids will love this fall season treat.  Make them for any school or church party social event.  You will need the following items available:

  • 1.      Clear plastic food handler gloves (can sometimes be found at the Dollar Store)
  • 2.      Candy Corn
  • 3.      Popcorn
  • 4.      Twist Ties

Place one candy corn in the tip of each of the fingers of the glove.  Fill the remainder of the glove with popped corn that has cooled.  Be sure to stuff it full.  Then twist the hand shut and seal with the twist tie.  It can take some time to fill each of the fingers, so be sure to allow yourslef a little extra time for this step.

FALL SEASON SNACK MIX:     Add some sweet and salty to your fun and friendly party.  Mix the following snacks together in a large bowl.

  •             1/3 bag of bugles
  •             1 bag of candy corn mix
  •             ½ bag of fall colored M&Ms;
  •             1 bag of apple bits
  •             1 bag of Craisins
  •             2 cups of roasted peanuts

this recipe is compliments of www.LittleWondersDays.com

Enjoy the season by sharing these fall season treats.  Anyone who may join you in making and/or eating these seasonal goodies will enjoy the tasty fall season treats


If you have comments or questions, you may place them in the comment section below.  We also welcome opportunities to share your recipes with our readers.  If you wish to share your recipes, you can email them to info@jlmarkerkitchens.com or place them in the comment section below.


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