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Do you struggle with ideas for creating an exciting party?  Do you use pinterest or other means to find ways make your next dinner table look inviting?  Do you wonder if there will be enough conversation at your next event?  Well, here are a few helpful hints, food garnishing ideas and decoration tips that can help living up the table, enhance the beauty of the party and give you things to talk about.  You can throw the next picnic or party that everyone will envy.  Everyone who is anyone in your circle of friends and attend and will talk about the great party you put together for days, weeks or even years.

In today’s world of technology, you can find much information on the World Wide Web.  Google them!  Search Pinterest!  Watch Facebook.  Shop at your local book store.   Food garnishing tips are found in a variety of places.

My sister’s daugher is a Disney fan.  She has turned many items into Mickey Ears.  Rice Krispie treats, watermello and other things.  Sometimes she even uses a popsickle stick for ease in handling them. I’ve seen my youngest sister cut apples into flower designs, put them on skewers sticks to make a beautiful edible bouquet.  I found a recipe to make Pilgrim hats from cookies, candy and dab of icing.

Be creative! Make your own themed party with these helpful hints, garnishing ideas and decoration tips.  Food garnishing tips and decoration ideas will help you make novelty items that are easy to make.

Here are just a few food garnishing tips and decoration ideas that I’mthrilled to share with you.

By using the snack size milky way bars, some plain m&ms; and a teddy grahm, you can make these cute little cars.

Placing a few bananas, kiwi and halo slices perfectly on a plate you will create a summer themed treat.

At Thanksgiving, get a Hershey kiss, with a chocolate chip and only half of a nutter butter round so you can create the perfect looking acorn.  These little favors are a tasty treat that can also decorate the table.  (This picture shows using the full nutter butter cookie, but I prefer using only half of it for thinner acorn “cap”.  You can connect them with a small dab of icing)


Garnishing ToolsWant to be more creative? Consider this tool set:  Agile-Shop Culinary Carving Tool Set Fruit Vegetable Food Garnishing / Cutting / Slicing Garnish Tools Kit   Learn to earily decorate a variety of foods with thethese tools.

Cookie CuttersSet includes:

  • 80 PCS Carving Tools , to create all kinds shape of food, cakes, fruits, vegetables and other decorative shapes,
  •  cutting and sculpting knives, dozens of shaped cutters, peelers and melon ballers
  •  decorators, peelers, cutters, sculptors, slanted knife and crinkle cutter.
  • The chisel can be used for the hotel, restaurant or the home
  • All curving tools are packed in a nice wooden case.

Make your next party the one everyone will talk about for a very long time to come.

If you have garnishing or decoration ideas that you would like to share with our readers, please post in the comment section below or send it via email to and we will be happy to share it with great appreciation.

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