Best gadgets in the kitchen – Food Injector & Baker’s Decorating Kit

Have you ever considered basting, marinating, or injecting your meat with various flavors?  I must admit that I was a pretty bland cook when I was first married. I was not raised to add many spices or flavors to my food.  I understood that beef should taste like beef, chicken should taste like chicken, pork should taste like pork and fish, like fish.  Basically it was understood that if wanted your beef to taste like something else, then you should eat something different.

After marriage, however, my husband would try to get me to experiment.  I was nervous and rarely did so, but when he got in the kitchen, we enjoyed some of our best and flavorful meals.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, I recall some really tasty turkey dinners that my sister would make.  She would inject flavors into the turkey and let it cook for hours.  My brother-in-law would marinate his meatballs in a mixture that included grape jelly  These delicious renditions of marinated, basted, or injector juices into or onto the meat would tickle the taste buds and add joy to the table.

A food injector is the a great way to inject flavors into the meat so that the juices get completely into the turkey, steak or chicken and not just on the outside.

Here is some information on the Grill BEAST -Marinate Injector Kit with 2-oz Large Capacity Barrel and 3 Professional Marinade Needles          Meat Injector

  • Made from 304 HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, Grill Beast’s meat injector is perfect for intensifying the flavor of brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, and more! Durable and sharp, the needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring you can enrich the taste of tough or thick cuts.
  • A 2-OUNCE BARREL minimizes refills, a sturdy marinade injector plunger offers improved pressure control, and a three-ring handle gives you a better grip for optimum comfort. Super quick and easy to disassemble, this premium quality meat marinade injector is also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a piece of cake!
  • THREE SPECIALLY DESIGNED MARINATE INJECTION NEEDLES allows for deep penetration and even distribution so every bite contains an explosion of flavor. One 6″ needle is solid with an angled cut while the other 6″ needle contains 12 holes. The 12 hole needle is for liquid marinades and the wide tip needle is for chunky marinades. The third needle is 3″ and is for a more precision injection and for smaller cuts of meat.
  • FREE BEAST INJECTOR EBOOK INCLUDED! Discover the latest tips, techniques, and advice for creating mouth-watering recipes everyone will love. Learn how to use the marinade injector like a professional and care for it effectively.
  • A 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and LIFETIME WARRANTY – eliminate all risk so you can use Grill Beast’s marinade injector kit with confidence! Your complete satisfaction is assured.

Do you like to bake and inject cupcakes with a cream filling, or jelly?  Do you like to make cream puffs, but hate the hassle of stuffing them with the filling?  The using a food injector maybe the right kitchen gadget for you.  Start creating your own treasured treats with one of these cool kitchen gadgets.  Get yourself a Grill Beast .  We would use the food injector to put jelly in baked rolls, or pudding in cupcakes.

Do you have a food injector or a baker’s decorating kit.  I didn’t for the longest time and now it is one of the neatest gadgets I have in the kitchen. I like this one because it’s durable:  OXO Good Grips Baker’s Decorating Tool Kit

Easy-to-fill, easy-to-use Decorating Tool designed to give you more control while decorating

  • Unique trigger provides a smooth stream of icing for clean lines
  • Professional-quality, durable stainless steel, large and small decorating tips include: Round, Open Star, Closed Star, Basket weave, Leaf, Filling Injector
  • Filling injector great for making eclairs, filled cupcakes or muffins, and other pastries
  • The barrel comes apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe

You should get one of this nifty kitchen gadgets for your kitchen today.  If you have a favorite kitchen gadget to inject flavors into your food or fill your favorite dessert, please share with our readers in the comment section below or email us at

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