Losing it! The Struggle of Weight Loss!

Weight Lost! Weight Gained! Dieting! Exercise! Oh the struggle that some of us face on a daily basis. I can remember thinking that I was fat at the age of 10, sitting on a rock near the elementary school softball field. My legs against the rock looked huge! Then again when I was 14 in middle school and embarrassingly changing my clothes after gym class. It didn’t stop there. Now I’m over fifty and I have probably lost 200 pounds (maybe more) over the last 30 years. Not all at once, but I have lost the same 30-50 pounds over and over again. Child birth left me with 25 extra pounds I didn’t want and couldn’t seem to eliminate.

You know the drill, happy days typically bring on weight gain, and stressful days helps to lose weight, but who wants to be under stress all of the time to keep their weight down? Not me!

I’ve tried many diets and I have read about many diets, and in my opinion the only diet that really works is when you reduce your calorie intake, and increase your activity to burn calories. Vegetables are great, fruit and meat are good and crabs are good in moderation.

Some of my family are using the Keto diet. It’s working well for them, but for how long can they sustain that lifestyle of eating. Will we find out later that this ‘high-fat, moderate protein, low-to-no carb diet’ was detrimental to our health. I’m not an expert in the Keto diet and I am not trashing it, but it goes against everything that I’ve ever learned about dieting. I’ve also thought that we should reduce or eliminate fats, eat white meats for protein, and ingest our vegetables and fruit. However, there are carbs in most vegetables and all fruits. So all root vegetables and fruits are to be reduced and/or eliminated from the diet if we want to eliminate carbs. I understand the philosophy behind reaching ketosis and the idea that we must burn fat and not carbs, but at what cost to our arteries, heart or other organs because we have increased our fat intake?

I do not have a degree in science, nor do I have any type of professional training that would tell me that the Keto diet is good or bad. I do believe, however, that eating healthy is important. Being over-weight is not good for us and doing a diet like the Atkins Diet, The Keto Diets, the Daniel’s Fast, can be a great way to jump start our weight lose. This can give us a good start to bringing our bodies into a healthier state. But at some point, shouldn’t we learn how to eat in moderation?

Weight Watchers is another good way to lose weight It has worked well for me. I find that eating a healthy portion of protein, fruits and vegetables, while lowering (not eliminating) starchy foods (breads, potatoes, pastas) still allows me to have a piece of chocolate as a reward for healthy eating at the end of the day. I’m not depriving myself of anything and therefore, it can become a healthy way of eating moderately.

Sometimes, we just need to learn how to eat and know what works for us. I have found that if I eliminate breads from my diet, I will lose weight faster. With that said, I don’t deprive myself completely, but like chocolate, I reward myself with a nice fresh-baked dinner roll from the local restaurant, or a tasty homemade slice of bread – warm from the oven. These are treats and not staples or part of the daily routine.

Carb & Calorie Counter

To get on track and understand how I can keep losing it, I account for everything that I put in my mouth. On the days that I work, my morning routine includes packing a healthy lunch and sustainable snacks that are perfect for me. I use the “Lose It!” app on my phone-which is always with me to keep record of the items I eat every day. I follow the healthy eating patterns and guidelines that I learned from Weight Watchers, track my calorie intake and take every chance I can to get a few extra steps into my day to increase my caloric burn.

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and I welcome a conversation with you.  How do you manage your weight? Please comment below and start a conversation with our readers. Please note that I do not condemn the Keto, Atkins or any diet. I have found that “everything it moderation” is what works best for me to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to reading your comments. You may also feel free to email me at info@jlmarkerkitchens.com

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