Pool Party / Summer Fun Suggestions

Pool Party and Summer Fun Ideas

It’s summer time and it is a great time for us to be creative with our pool party.  We can create summer fun ideas with the snacks that we provide at our summer fun picnic or pool party.  Maybe you are that nice and generous host or hostess and serve up regular snack likes chips, oreos and other purchased goodies.  However, think how much more exciting it would be to serve up cute little snacks that will provide entertainment and lots of conversation.   Everyone would think that you are a fun and exciting hostess!

Here are a few ideas:

Take the time and consider decorating a small sandwich cookies by using colored icing to create beach balls.  You can easily decorate a cookie that you purchase from the store, like the vanilla cream sandwich cookie or similar.  Better yet, bake your own sugar cookie, put icing between two of the cookies to make a sandwich look.  Simply decorate the top.  What Fun!

Serve up Fish In the Water.  This is where you fill disposable wine glasses with blue jello then top with gummy fish candies.   You may also mix smaller gummies inside the jello as well.

Using peanut butter nutter butter sandwich cookies, you can ice them to look like flip flops.  Lay them on a bed of finely crush graham crackers.  If you add a few star-shaped candies and other beach themed candies, a a creative tray will be ready to serve for all of your outdoor festivities.  Everyone will envy your creativeness and wonder where you come up with all of these ideas.

Let your creative ideas flow and enjoy.  If you have other great ideas, please share.  We would love to share your ideas with our readers.  Feel free to comment below and give us your most creative ideas.
One word of caution…..  People will love your ideas, your creativity and may request that you throw all of the parties or at minimum make all of the snacks for it.


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