Watermelon Sticks and Slices

This is certainly the season for watermelon.  All types of parties, luncheons, reunions, and summertime fun often mean that watermelon will be included in the menu.  At nearly every covered dish party, or catered reception, you will find that watermelon slices will be sitting pretty looking exceptionally refreshing.

Are your creative when you cut your watermelon?  There are some very simple ways and creative ways to carve the perfect design into the shell.

Try watermelon sticks rather than watermello slices.  It is great way to be creative, easy to cut and even more easy to eat.  Kids will love these sticks because they are just the right size and perfect for them to handle.

Make Watermelon Sticks - perfect for kids and parties
You may want to view this video to the left showing the best way to cut watermelon sticks. Sometimes people just want a little piece that is easy to eat.  Everyone will enjoy the sticks and wish they had thought of this clever idea.


Watermelon Art

Want to be more creative?  Google ways to cut watermellon.  There are so many videos and books out there to help you  master the art of carving a watermelon and giving your guests something to talk about.  Creating that beautifully carved and/or refreshing design of a watermelon can be as easy or hard as you want it to be.  Check out the video to the right and see what you can do.

Come on, give it try!

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